Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cho Myeong-ha, Devotes his Youth to Korea’s Independence

<strong>Cho Myeong-ha, </strong> Devotes his Youth to Korea’s Independence
『Young men in Korea, defend your country stoutly. If you lose your country, where can you find freedom, justice and peace? Stateless people will only see slaves’ humiliation and wandering. 』
These words are inscribed on the statue of patriotic martyr Cho Myeong-ha in Seoul Grand Park in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province.
Leaving for Japan with Ardent Wish for Korea’s Independence 

Cho Myeong-ha was born in Songhwa(송화) County, Hwanghae Province on April 8th, 1905, as the second son in a family of four sons and one daughter. It is said that he was an intelligent and upright man. In March 1926, Cho began to work at the Sincheon(신천) County office, which was a Japanese organization at the time. After hearing about pioneering independence activists such as Kim Gu and Roh Baek-rin(노백린), who had also been born in the same province, Cho was determined to throw himself into the independence movement. To join the anti-Japanese movement, he believed that he should learn more about Japan, the colonial ruler. His friends gave him some money to use for travel expenses, and he crossed the Genkai Sea to go to Osaka, Japan

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