Monday, April 29, 2013

Go East Old Man, Go East: South Korea or Bust ! Here I Come.

 Me and my wife will be going to S/Korea in one week. 
This will be our home  for the next six months once we get to S/Korea.

Talk about down sizing. :-)

I am doing my own personal Asian pivot, and hope to soon spend the rest of my years in Korea.
I will be signing off until I get wired up in Korea.
Which should not be too hard considering it is the most, and the fastest wired country on the planet.

My good friends RJS and Tony will be filling in once in a while. 

Thank you for checking out my blog. 
  I will be seeing you all from Korea.

May you find the peace that is within you. 


  1. I signed up to follow your adventures. Take your time. I'll be here waiting! your friend , the rat

  2. Just looking at the pic I was wondering 'where's the barbie going to go?' All the best my friend.