Saturday, April 13, 2013

Market Capitalization of Top Five South Korean Conglomerates

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Detailed Look at Each Group’s Market Capitalization
In terms of corporate value, Samsung Group is decidedly ahead of the pack. Samsung’s market capitalization reached 335.1 trillion won or 295 billion dollars, accounting for 28.9% of the total KOSPI value. Samsung was followed by Hyundai Motor Company, the issued shares of which amounted to 135.6 trillion won, or nearly 120 billion dollars, and 11.7% of the total KOSPI shares. The top-five list is rounded out by LG Group with 6.3%, SK with 5.8%, and Lotte with 2.2%. The combined total of Samsung and Hyundai Motor’s market capitalization represent a record 40.5% of the entire marketable securities market. In particular, Samsung Electronics, the most lucrative affiliate of Samsung Group, has a market value of 244.9 trillion won, or roughly 215 billion dollars, representing 21.1% of the total stock market. That means Samsung Electronics alone is worth more than one-fifth of all the companies listed on KOSPI.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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