Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Myanmar's neo-Nazi Buddhists get free rein By Maung Zarni

By Maung Zarni 
Burma/Myanmar's radical "969 movement" has been central in the recent brutal pogroms against minority Muslims that have left at least 40 dead and 12,000 displaced. The Buddhist monk-led group, however, cannot be understood outside of the interface between President Thein Sein's government and the country's racist society at large.
Nor can it be explained without examining the respective roles of a) the State, which in effect offers the country's neo-Nazi Buddhists impunity, b) Thein Sein's inaction, even amid indications of ethnic cleansing against minority Muslims, and c) the Aung San Suu Kyi-led opposition's moral bankruptcy throughout the crisis. The orgy of violence has raised several
important questions about the country's direction and hopes for reform. 

How popular and widespread is the 969 movement and how likely is it to spread throughout the country? READ MORE

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