Saturday, April 13, 2013

North Korea: why the world needs a ghoul By Hannes Hanso

The problem with North Korea and the Kim dynasty is that both will continue to exist as long as major regional or global powers, including China, the United States, Russia and Japan, find geopolitical use for them. North Korea is in an awkward way a necessary evil that holds regional powers in balance and helps to maintain a functioning status quo.
When this delicate balance crumbles, a whole new security
structure will need to be found. Nobody appears willing to take the first step into the unknown. North Korea's leaders seem well aware of the situation and are trying to exploit this to their own advantage; that is, trying to ensure regime survival and international acceptance as a nuclear power.
The 60-year old Korean conflict is escalating to new heights at a time when other major stand-offs appear to be waning. The war in Iraq is over, Saddam's evil tyranny is now becoming a distant memory. Bags are being packed in Afghanistan with most allied troops set to leave in 2014. Osama Bin Laden is dead. The official line is that the Afghan troops are deemed to be ready to take over security responsibilities and some of Taliban can actually be talked to.
The escalation of tensions surrounding the Korean Peninsula and the emergence of a new international pariah in the form of Kim Jong-eun is now well under way. His country, North Korea, has been labelled as part of the Axis of Evil, a Lighthouse of Tyranny in the world, the largest prison camp in the world etcetera etcetera. Who could rival Kim? Libya's Gaddafi is out, Venezuela's Chavez is gone, Iran's Ahmadinejad will be gone after the elections in June, Cuba's Castros and Zimbabwe's Mugabe are just too old and Myanmar's Thein Sein is now wearing a suit instead of an army uniform. There is simply no-one to equal Kim. READ MORE

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