Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Enemy-Industrial Complex: How to Turn a World Lacking in Enemies into the Most Threatening Place in the Universe By Tom Engelhardt

The communist enemy, with the “world’s fourth largest military,” has been trundling missiles around and threatening the United States with nuclear obliteration.  Guam, HawaiiWashington: all, it claims, are targetable.  The coverage in the media has been hair-raising.  The U.S. is rushing an untested missile defense system to Guam, deploying missile-interceptor ships off the South Korean coast, sending “nuclear capable” B-2 Stealth bombers thousands of miles on mock bombing runs,pressuring China, and conducting large-scale war games with its South Korean ally.
Only one small problem: there is as yet little evidence that the enemy with a few nuclear weapons facing off (rhetorically at least) against an American arsenal of 4,650 of them has the ability to miniaturize and mount even one on a missile, no less deliver it accurately, nor does it have a missile capable of reaching Hawaii or Washington, and I wouldn't count on Guam either.
It also happens to be a desperate country, one possibly without enough fuel to fly a modern air force, whose people, on average, are inches shorter than their southern neighbors thanks to decades of intermittent famine and malnutrition, and who are ruled by a bizarre three-generational family cult.  If that other communist, Karl Marx, hadn’t once famously written that history repeats itself “first as tragedy, then as farce,” we would have had to invent the phrase for this very moment.


  1. Here is a must watch from the BBC (undercover report) from last night. What's your take?

  2. Here is a must watch from the BBC (undercover report) from last night. What's your take?

  3. Sorry. Here it is -


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    1. The uk rule is a new one to me. Crazy for a broadcaster who has a 'World Service'. Sorry. The upshot is that I'm not sure who benefited from the undercover report other than the programme makers. The agenda was to portray NK as a basket case which I expect it is. An intelligent Washington would negotiate by using trade and food exports as a bargaining counter. In other words it won't happen.

  5. N/K is a selling point for the MIC.
    S/Korea just announced that they will be buying boeing helicopters.
    Lockheed Martin immediately told S/Korea that they NEEDED TO BUY their F35.