Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Australian Foreign Minister A US Spy?

Is Australian Foreign Minister A "Spy?" Australian Newspaper Exposes Bob Carr As An "agent" Under US Influence - OpEd Eurasia Review

"Carr began his relationship with US embassy officials in the mid 1970s when he was President of Young Labor and education officer of the NSW Labor Council. According to The Age investigative report Philip Dorling he would regularly brief the US Consul General over labour issues and the prospects of the Labor Government in Canberra. From the information gathered from Carr and also NSW Labor President John Ducker, intelligence reports on Australian politics and labour issues would be sent onto Washington. Leaked US cables to WikiLeaks also indicated that the former Labor Senator Mark Arbib, who is also the son in law of the current Australian Governor General Quentin Bryce, was also a “protected” US embassy source passing on information and commentary on Australian politics."

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