Nikolay Melteshinov is very pleased with his brief military career. In October 1952, he was honored to serve his mother country once again. The Great Patriotic War (World War II) had ended, and he, being still a young, but experienced anti-aircraft artilleryman, was offered to perform a special mission.
At the Khabarovsk Military Garrison, they made him sign a pledge of secrecy, but according to Melteshnikov, many already knew what was going on. Having received his identification badge and becoming part of the 76-mm anti-aircraft gun division, he went to his mission by train. At that time, just like now, he was not interested in politics. That is why he did not ask why or where. At the transshipment point in the border town of Grodekovo, he changed his uniform from that of a Soviet officer for a Chinese military tunic. READ MORE