In a speech to a study session of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee on Tuesday, Xi Jinping called for turning China into a maritime power,state media reported on Wednesday.
While saying Beijing would adhere to the path of peaceful development, Xi also promised that “in no way will the country abandon its legitimate rights and interests, nor will it give up its core national interests.”
In a possible olive branch to Japan, Xi added that China would adhere to a policy of “shelving disputes and carrying out joint development” in areas where it maintains sovereignty over. Other parts of the speech emphasized the importance of cooperating with other powers that have “converging interests” in maritime development.
The call for transforming China into a maritime power came as part of a broader speech on the importance of the maritime arena for all aspects of Chinese society. State media summarized one part of Xi’s speech as saying, “The oceans and seas have an increasingly important strategic status concerning global competition in the spheres of politics, economic development, military, and technology. READ MORE