Sunday, September 8, 2013

North Korea Changes Its Tune (Again) | The Diplomat

North Korea Changes Its Tune (Again) | The Diplomat
Obama could be singing the same tune.
But does he really have his Generals watching his back?
I do not think so. If he attacks Syria all hell will break loose along with his Generals.
Not the retired ones.
They all work for the MIC.
And get paid handsomely for their  servitude.

What if its all a lie?
IMO their supposed nukes are BS.
 They know it and the west knows it.
But it keeps the game going.
Their Generals stay in power along with their uber elite.
And our MIC keeps the insane profit margin.
All along we can keep N/Korea on the back burner as a future threat to the West, the world and democracy in general. :-)

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