Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dien Bien Phu’s tomb of the French soldiers

The monument for French soldiers who died in the Dien Bien Phu is located in the Muong Thanh Ward of Dien Bien City. A stele on the monument reads: "This monument is built by the initiative of Mr. Rolf Rodel, a French veteran, the commander of a commando team of the 3rd Infantry Regiment stationed in Hong Cum".


  1. Excellent piece and great find. I will tweet that one. Remember the scene in 'Apocalypse Now' with the French settlers? Coppola cut most of it out of the final cut on advice from the arseholes around him and the distributors. Too 'historical' for them. Lol.

  2. I am a big apocalypse now fan. They show those scenes in the redux version. I actually knew a capain willard type person.
    He came back as a non person no id no nothing. Guess what his occupation was and who he worked for. Lol. Think there will be monuents in iraq and afganistan for the fallen?