Saturday, May 31, 2014

Expanding Starbucks Threatens Local Brands in Korea

A recent piece in Quartz reveals that Seoul has more Starbucks outlets than any other city in the world.
According to the article, the coffeehouse chain has 284 outlets in the South Korean capital, seven more than in New York City.
On a national scale, South Korea ranked sixth in the number of Starbucks locations, with 642.
With Starbucks expanding aggressively in South Korea, it has become a threat to local coffeehouse brands, prompting calls for regulation to protect local brands and maintain diversity in the coffeehouse business in Korea.
Starbucks opened its first store in South Korea in 1999. Since then, it has expanded rapidly. About 30 outlets opened on average every year in the 2000s, rising to about 80 a year after 2011.
A total of 122 Starbucks stores opened in 2013, and the number already had reached 50 as of April this year, according to Starbucks Korea.

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