Friday, May 2, 2014

Obamanized Asia by ANDRE VLTCHEK

"Saving face" or the lack of it, means everything in Asia.

Welcome to Asia, President Obama!
And back? Smiles and more smiles… Obama speaks Malay! Damn, he can manage terima kasih – Malaysian for ‘thank you’! It is indeed very impressive, considering that G. W. was only able to manage this in Spanish, and at times, very rarely, in English.
Huge headlines were shouting from most of the Asian dailies… “Hello Malaysia”, the ‘Sunday Star’ which is a self-proclaimed ‘The people’s paper’, was depicting the beaming face of Barack Obama, adding its butler-style comment:
“Flashing his infectious smile, President Barack Obama stepped out of Air Force One, gave his customary right handed “hello” wave – and charmed every one of the dignitaries who met him as he arrived for his official visit to the country. It will be a busy day for him before he leaves for Manila tomorrow.”
That was all taking place on the 26th and 27th April 2014.
Welcome Barack Obama! You are the top!
Trade agreements, new military bases – let’s discuss anything, as long as you are here, our dear leader! We are open, wide open, for… business!

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