Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sundubu, my favorite Korean dish.

Ya, that is me enjoying Sundubu at my favorite restaurant in Seosan South Korea.

Sundubu is a seafood stew-soup, with vegetables, mushrooms,  soft tofu, clams, oysters, baby octopus, shrimp, and crab.
All in a spicy red broth.

With it come 4 different kim chee side dishes and a bowl of brown rice.
All for only $7.00.

An effen big mac cost that much and who knows what is in that.

The 500 ml (17 ounce) bottle of excellent, ice cold Korean beer cost $4.00.
Koreans drink their beer out of a glass.
So they look at me very strangely when I drink it out of the bottle. I always get a kick out of that. Lol

There is no tax or tipping in Korea, all is inclusive in the price.

One can always judge a restaurant by how clean the restrooms are.
These are absolutely spotless.
Besides they have an open kitchen so you can see what and how they cook.

If you are in Korea during the next 4 months, email me and I'll take you out to lunch. :-)


  1. Oh, my god, look at you ... how wonderful to see you again ... and that food sounds soooo good ... I wish I was going to be ... how fun it would be to share a meal ... thanks for this day brightener!

  2. In the states we eat to live.
    Here they live to eat. It is like a social event.
    They always ask me to share their food and drink here at the campground.
    Quite different than in the states. Korea is a great place for Americans to visit.
    If I come back next year, which I probably will.
    I will try and get a visa to go to China..