Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Birth of a Eurasian Century: Russia and China Do Pipelineistan By Pepe Escobar


As long as we are dependent on fossil fuels, this will be the 4 center squares of the chess board.

Zbig wrote about it long ago in his book.
The American invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq was not about A/Q, or even about oil.
If they would have succeeded it would have been their gateway to Eurasia.

Iran also butts up to Eurasia, this is why Iran is always a target. Not because of nukes as MSM keeps telling you.That and the NeoZioCons want a regime change in Iran so Israel can do as they please with furthering their Zionist agenda.

Now Russia and China will be making their moves. 
There will not be a stale mate.

Tao Dao Man

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