Friday, July 11, 2014

China's Foreign Aid: The Raw Numbers Plus, a possible China-Russia alliance, why China’s latest hacking is ok, and the value of the RMB. Friday China links.

On Thursday, China released a white paper on the foreign aid Beijing provides to other countries, a summary of which appeared onXinhua. According to the white paper, from 2010-2012, China provided 89.34 billion RMB ($14.4 billion) in grants, interest-free loans, and concessional loans. Over half of that went to Africa, where 51 countries received Chinese aid (which is striking given that– depending on how one defines Africa and what territories one recognizes as independent nations– some sources count less than 50 nations are located on the  African continent). Thirty Asian nations received around 30 percent of China’s foreign aid and 19 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean accounted for 8 percent. A plurality of China’s aid (44 percent) went to economic infrastructure projects, which the white paper defined as transport and communications, broadcasting and telecommunications, and power supply construction. The second largest spending category was social and public infrastructure (27 percent of the total aid), which includes the construction of schools, hospitals, and other civil construction.

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