Sunday, July 20, 2014

The dog meat debate in South Korea

Eating dog meat is a divisive issue among Koreans. In the past, a cultural relativist argument was made to support the tradition of eating dog meat in Korea. It was claimed that eating the cute critters was a unique aspect of Korean culture that couldn't be understood by outsiders.But in recent years concerns over animal welfare have come up and clashed with those older values.

This is the one thing I hate the most about living in Korea six months out of the year. 
Being one who loves dogs more than people.
 I find this archaic tradition to be barbaric.
In the country side they treat dogs worst than farm animals. Tied to a chain or crated in a cage for their entire lives.

I always wonder when I see city people with their pet  dogs if they secretly go to a dog restautant.
Why the Korean government does not take a bold and humane step to shut down the dog farms is beyond me.

Tao Dao Man

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  1. I, too, love dogs more than people. If there was one thing I could immediately change in this world (I'm not kidding) it would be the awakening that would bring this change about ... everyone would demonstrate absolute respect and love for these guileless beings ... make their lives as beautiful as they deserve. Thank you so much for addressing this issue.